Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday: The Day We Lost Contact

It seems like I have almost no contact with Filipinos on Mondays now that I resigned my position as church core group coach.

I walked to the bakery this morning to buy pan de sal. I didn't really say anything to the girl, except "Good morning, po." She put down her paper and went and got 6 pan de sal. I said, "Thank you." End of conversation.

And I think that was about the only conversation I had with a Filipino today, other than telling Manang Edita that it was 6:00, so she could go home.

We did get the minutes of the disciplinary committe today. Permit me to share:
February 5, 2006, 3rd Year Room 2:00 PM

OFFENSES OF ROBERTO MENDEZ* AND JULIA LATRINIDAD* even after they were sternly warned to be suspended they deliberately violated rules and regulations of the school.

1. Roberto and Julia LaTrinidad met at the SM Mall 2 times last Semestral break and the other was when both happened to be home for weekend, they decided to meet at the Mall by sending text message. They watch movie together, play together at the play station and eat together, which they should not be doing since they were warned not to have communication of any form as a disciplinary measure given to them when they first violated the social rule and the fact that they are not qualified yet.
2. They met at places like the classroom where Roberto first embraced and kissed Julia on the lips, then at the attic of the dining hall 2 times at the wee hours of the night and did the same thing, embracing and kissing each other.
3. Exchanging messages through the mobile phone.
4. Julia going to the house of Roberto on December 25, 2005 and the same thing happened, embracing and kissing.
5. Deliberately teling lies and denying to the Committee of the things they have done even when what they have done have reached the Committee already.
6. Receiving gifts in the form of a stuff toy and an identical ring, without informing her Dean.

1. They will be suspended from school for 1 week, from today February 6, 2006 until February 12, 2006. In the time of suspension, They are expected to do their requirements in the different subjects and review for the Comprehensive . . .

I couldn't make this stuff up.

*Names changed to protect the guilty


Jimbo said...

Wow. That reminds me of my high school years at a certain Midwestern institution (when the administration thereof was much different from what it is today, thank God). They had a thing called the "Ninety-plus Society". They rated us on all sorts of different things like cleanliness, hygiene, respectfulness, spiritual health (I have no idea how they measured that), and if we got 90 points or more out of a hundred, we got a special 90+ banquet once per quarter.

Even though I made it into the "society" every quarter they had it (I was quite a skilled hypocrite when called upon to be so), it seemed extremely subjective at best.

But to return from tangenting (that can't be a word), I would guess that the minutes from the Student Development Committee meetings from that time would include similar priceless gems.

tawn418 said...

LOL @ Jimbo! Yeah, the 90+ Society. Thanks so much for reminding me. I don't think I ever made it. :) Those were fun days, let me tell ya!

dwain said...

Both things remind me of the experiences of Julia Scheeres in her book Jesus Land, though hers are markedly more traumatic. Isn't it nice to know that God loves us as individuals but we must live by men's laws? Again, I say "we" without thinking... Gotta watch that.

The secret word is "wowlpn."

Lenity said...

That's hilarious. Good thing they don't do that here. I would probably never be able to go to school again.

Chris said...

You can't give up the "embracing and kissing"?

Lenity said...

Nor "exchanging messages through the mobile phone." I am a heathen.