Tuesday, February 07, 2006

late notice

After chapel, I went up to Manang Becca to ask her about the JS fellowship, specifically about the financial status of the students, and whether we needed to sponsor some of them. Now that I think about it, I never really got the answer I was looking for.

Anyhow, she asked if we would be attending. I asked if the rest of the faculty were coming. She said, "Yes, please come." As the conversation proceeded, she informed me that I was scheduled to give an exhortation on Friday night and the topic was "Because of Love." So, they had already scheduled me to preach without knowing if I was attending.

Manang Becca said, "Didn't the students tell you that you were supposed to give an exhortation?"

I said, "First I've heard of it."

"Oh, I told them last night that they should go and ask you, because I was busy finalizing my sermon for today."

Hmm. My reluctance was pretty obvious. She said, "The students decided it must be you or Madam Tiffany. Anyhow, it's just a short exhoration."

"Like 10 minutes?"

"It can be more. 15, even 20 to 30."

"That's longer than I usually preach in chapel or church."

"It's just up to you."

"I'm trying to prepare to preach in chapel on Wednesday. I've never preached a sermon on love before."

"You can do it."

"Let me think about it."

In the course of the conversation, I also discovered that we are leaving at 4:00 AM on Friday ("to maximize the time"), that I will be driving my vehicle (and carrying some faculty members with me), and several details that didn't really interest or concern me regarding the schedules of other faculty members.

We went home and sat down to lunch. In a few minutes, some third year students came to the door with their best marketing hats on. Tiffany got the door.

"Because we like you so much, we are inviting you to be a part of our JS fellowship this weekend. Will you be able to attend? Oh, you will? Great! Will you be able to speak to us on Friday evening?"

Tiffany agreed to take the responsibility.

"And you will drive your car? And you will take some faculty with you so that you can have greater fellowship with each other?"

Oh, brother!


tawn418 said...

That is sooo funny...and brings back so many memories of being immersed in another culture! My prayers are with you! :)

Chris said...

I still didn't get out of it, entirely. The next day they asked if I could give a devotional on Saturday morning.

dwain said...

Update, mon!

The get out of jail free word is "zmqwkh."

Chris said...

I'm afraid that if I post, you'll find out how horribly boring my life is.

tawn418 said...

Try us! :)