Monday, January 10, 2005

Genesis 1 & 2

Last night, at Duct Tape Bible Fellowship, we looked at the first couple of chapters of Genesis. Granted, those chapters are foundational, and our worldview would suffer mightily if we did not have them. However, it's a little difficult to draw meaningful real world application from these chapters. A couple of things stood out, though.

We were challenged to think about the significance of creation to us and to recognize what it is about creation that causes us to give thanks to God. The simple answer, of course, would be to quote the lyrics of "How Great Thou Art." But as I reflected on it, I thought about how some of my upbringing caused me to doubt that the creation was really something to be enjoyed. There was almost a Gnostic bent to some of the teaching I received, where I began to perceive all matter as evil or sensual. But somewhere along the line, my dad pointed out that God went to all the trouble to create this wonderful world for our enjoyment. The material may not hold a candle to the spiritual, but it is here for us to enjoy.

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