Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sir, anything?

Well, as predicted, there was a brownout today, but we had to stick around here for a send-off chapel and a special lunch with the fourth years. After lunch, though, we decided to take a trip to Urdaneta, leaving Elijah with Manang Edita. Little did we know, the brownout affected Urdaneta, too. While Tiff went to the grocery store, I went to get a massage. Unfortunately, the spa was closed due to brownout. So I walked to the bank. The bank had its own generator, so the aircon was on, but not really keeping up with the heat. After finishing my business there, I walked on to the mall. No luck there either. The only place that offers massages said their aircon was out due to the brownout and I should come back tomorrow. I still had at least half an hour before I would meet Tiff, so I decided to walk through the market.

Now, I've walked through the market before, so I wasn't too surprised at the experience, although there were some new elements added, since I was walking through alone. As always, each merchant says, "Sir, anything? T-shirt? Shoes?" and so on. But today, I was hearing things like, "Sir, anything? T-shirt? Shorts? Polo shirt? Wife?" "I love you, sir." "Ohhh, handsome!" LOL Some were quite startled to see an American there. I'm guessing not too many Americans walk deep into the market (although I'm sure the prices are better there than in the mall next door).


tawn418 said...

Wow. That's hilarious. :)

Lenity said...

I always laugh when I think about us sightseeing in the rain in Manila last summer. I lost count of how many people were concerned about us getting wet.

"Sir, maam, it's raining!"

Really? We hadn't noticed.

Have fun with your parents! Tell us about their first impressions of the Philippines whenever you get a chance. And any driving-in-Manila adventures.