Sunday, December 03, 2006

Harvest Day San Jose

We were out of bed at 4:30 this morning and getting ready for our trip to Barangay San Jose, Sudipen, La Union for Harvest Day. Our school doesn't receive enough in the way of finances to tackle necessary building projects, so we have a number of "Harvest Days" to try to raise funds for these needs. This year we are raising money to replace the ladies' dorm which is much too small and has nearly been destroyed by termites. We schedule a certain Sunday for each of our supporting districts and then all of the faculty and a number of the students spread out over that district to conduct promotional services in each of the local churches. Today was the Harvest Day for the Northwestern Luzon District.

We packed six students into our car with us and dropped them off at various churches along the way to our destination. We had never traveled this route exactly, but with a map and my GPS receiver, we made it through okay. We took a "shortcut" at one point that included some unpaved roads. We weren't too sure about that one, but it got us to where we needed to go well enough that I used the same route on the way home.


Anonymous said...

Did you go geocaching, too?

Chris said...

I wish. There are only two geocaches in the Philippines that I haven't done, and both will require air travel. I haven't convinced Tiff of the necessity of going to them.

Anonymous said...

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