Sunday, July 16, 2006

Vapi visit

This morning, we went to visit the Wesleyan English Medium School in Vapi. We have over 700 students attending, from nursery to 10th standard (whatever that means). We had a quick look inside their computer lab and then were ushered onto a dais, where we looked out at the entire student body gathered before us. The students had charge of a special welcome program for us. They gave little speeches of welcome, sang a welcome song, sang a prayer song, personally welcomed each of us and gave us each a bouquet of flowers. Then, each of us had to make brief remarks to the students. Finally, we were released from being public spectacles and allowed to continue touring the school building.

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sima said...

Greetings in the Lord's name.Chris this is seema here from India.Glad to read this note from you. We enjoyed your stay here.I was indid great to hear wonderful sermon on Sunday as well as listen you singing.
with loads of love and prayer
wesleyan school